PALE ALE: Light & Hoppy

Pale ale is a versatile beer style. They are made using a higher proportion of pale malts resulting in a lighter colour, ranging from golden to light copper. Different brewing practices and hop levels have resulted in a range of taste and strength within the pale ale family.

IF YOU LIKE: Dry, crisp, aromatic white wines … try a Pale Ale.
PAIRS GREAT WITH: Roasted Chicken, Apple Pie or weeding the garden

Moosehead Pale Ale


Mill Street Tankhouse Ale


Sleeman Railside Session Ale


PILSNER: Crisp and Smooth

If you are a lager fan, but find yourself wanting more, Pilsner is for you. They have all the smooth, easy-drinking qualities of a lager, but with a distinct floral bitterness from more hops. Pilsners fall into two basic types: Bohemian (spicy and floral), and German (light, dry and crisp). 

IF YOU LIKE: Crisp white wines, especially Muscadet … try a Pilsner.
PAIRS GREAT WITH: Oysters, Strawberry Ice Cream or staining the deck



Pilsner Urquell




FLAVOURED: Medium Light & Fruity Nuances

You can be sure if something is edible, it has been added to beer. The two main factors in the flavour profile will be ingredients added (fruit, spice, herbs) and the qualities of the base beer itself (wheat, red ale, lager). They are becoming more popular every day.

IF YOU LIKE: Coolers and cider… try a Flavoured beer.
PAIRS GREAT WITH: Fruit of the same flavours as the beer, Angel Food Cake or breaking out the BBQ.

St. Ambroise Grapefruit IPA


Bud Light Apple


Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc Fruit Rouge