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Warm up to WHISKY

Whisky is a spirit that has been savored the world over seemingly forever. So this begs the question, how should you drink whisky? First let’s get to know whisky. The term whisky has origins in Gaelic meaning “water of life” and this makes perfect sense, considering that there are few experiences in life better than sipping a well made whisky while sitting by a roaring fire, or in a pub, or at your best friends kitchen table, or…well you get the idea. Although there are three “traditional” ways to enjoy this great spirit: neat (whisky without mix or ice), on the rocks (whisky over ice), or “opened up” with a splash of water (a few drops will do the trick) the possibilities are truly endless once you factor in cocktails and cooking. Whether you are looking to sip your whisky with a friend, or shake things up in a cocktail (pun intended) we W have you covered. Check out our steps to ensure your getting the most out of your whisky tasting, and there are a few cocktails to sample too. But remember, no matter how you enjoy your whisky, the only wrong way to enjoy it is with an empty glass.


Visual: Take a look at the whisky in your glass, swirl it gently and take note of the colour and thickness of the liquid.

Aromatics: Lift the glass slowly to your nose and enjoy the initial aromas. Give the glass another lightr swirl and dive into the subtler notes while inhaling again.

Taste: Sip a small amount slowly and let your palate discover the flavours that lie within. Take your time to enjoy the nuances of the whisky.

Lot 40 Single Copper Pot
Still Canadian Whisky

750ml – $39.99


2 oz whisky
1 oz Campari
1 oz sweet vermouth

Stir ingredients over ice and strain
into a rocks glass with ice.
Garnish with a orange twist.

Forty Creek
Barrel Select

750ml – $27.79

Classic Hot Toddy

1 ½ oz whisky
½ oz honey
½ oz lemon juice
4-5 oz warm water

Mix ingredients in a mug and
garnish with a lemon wheel.