The golden rules of grilling: (1) always drink what you like and (2) always match your wine’s weight and intensity to match what you’re grilling. Heavy food = heavy wine. Forget about focusing on the cut of meat. Instead, focus on the flavours in your rubs and glazes.

Santa Ema Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon
750ml – $19.99

Filet Mignon

Cabernet has firm tannins. The fat in the beef softens the tannins while the dark fruit flavours compliment the sweetness in the beef and counter balance the smokey flavours from the grill.

Campo Viejo Tempranillo
750ml – $17.79

Pork Chops

The combination of spice and sweetness match the jammy red fruit and medium oak of the Tempranillo. When enjoying lighter meats, you don’t want your wine to overpower. Tempranillo is the perfect medium-bodied wine.

Fleur Du Cap Cabernet Sauvignon
1140ml – $16.29


This wine does not have
overpowering tannins which
makes it a very simple and easy
pairing wine that will cut
through BBQ rubs or sauces
to match the flavouring of
the grilled hamburger.

Thelema Mountain White
750ml – $16.49

Maple Glazed Salmon

This blend of Chardonnay, Viognier & Rousanne match the weight of this oily dish. The ripe fruit flavours will stand up to the sweetness of the maple.