What started as a monthly new wine release program in 18 ANBL stores around the province has expanded to include unique spirit and beer products, and now – its own signature store. Welcome to EXPÉRIENCE by ANBL.

Located at 55 Queen Street in Downtown Moncton, EXPÉRIENCE by ANBL is a unique shopping destination for everyone – from beginner to connoisseur. Customers will EXPÉRIENCE enticing and approachable products from around the world, as well as an ongoing offering of seminars, tastings and other in-store events. Leah Anderson, manager of the EXPÉRIENCE program and store tells us more.

What is the EXPÉRIENCE program all about?

The EXPÉRIENCE program is in ANBL stores around the province, as well as the EXPÉRIENCE by ANBL store in Moncton. It is our way of helping customers not only navigate through the world of wine, but also become enthralled with exceptional spirits and truly unique beers and ciders. Every month customers will find over 30 new, enticing products from around the globe. Some are special products for a collector’s cellar, while others are approachable products to have with Taco Tuesday, for example. In addition, there are new limited releases arriving regularly. These products are one-time buys, and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

EXPÉRIENCE products include new, trendy items, older vintages, rare selections, sought-after producers and other products never seen in New Brunswick before. The monthly release theme that is found in the EXPÉRIENCE section in stores is also featured on ANBL.com/experience, complete with tasting notes, fun facts and suggestions on how to experience each product.

So, what makes the EXPÉRIENCE by ANBL store stand apart from any other ANBL location?

Customers get a totally unique shopping experience here. From our endless pursuit of amazing products, to our Coravin system that allows customers to try select wines, to our expert level of product knowledge and customer service from our passionate team. We also host product release events, education classes, in-store tastings and perfect pairing suggestions.

The EXPÉRIENCE by ANBL store offers over 1,000 different products for everyone from beginner to connoisseur. The best part about EXPÉRIENCE is that there is something for all customers – every budget, every occasion.

For your own EXPÉRIENCE, sign up for the monthly e-flyer online at ANBL.com/ experience. Each issue includes special features on grape varieties, wineries, and winemaking regions throughout the world, plus tasting notes, food pairings and more.

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