1209 Rue Principale, Memramcook

Verger Belliveau Orchard

We spoke with Sonya Bourgeois from Scow Cider to learn what makes their New Brunswick apple orchard and cidery so special. How do you like them apples?

What is Scow Craft Cider? Tell us about the orchard itself, the owners etc.
Scow Craft Cider is a premium hard cider, made from 100% fresh-pressed, hand-picked apples. Our orchards were established in 1932, and have been in our family for over fifty years. We grow over 30 apple cultivars on about 100 acres in Memramcook along the Petitcodiac River. And yeah, I get to work with my dad and brother on a daily basis, which is pretty cool.

Tell us what it’s like making cider in NB? How does Scow compare to other NB Ciders?
Making cider in NB is a lot of fun, and there’s a really great gang of people involved in the industry. The main difference between our own cider and some other NB ciders is that we produce apples ourselves. This allows us to maintain a high degree of product consistency throughout the year by sourcing from our own stored apples.

How long were you making cider before Scow?
Scow Craft Cider is our only commercial cider at this point. Prior to its launch in summer 2014, we focused mostly on sweet cider, sparkling juices and wines. Of course, making fruit wines since back in 2000 meant we already had in-house expertise that gave us the confidence to enter the hard cider world.

What is next for Scow Craft Cider?
We want to keep meeting new and existing cider drinkers throughout NB! We have recently started selling in PEI, which is going great, and we’re also looking at producing the occasional seasonal cider.

Tell us about the apple orchard that you have and how that relates to the cider producing process?
So much work goes into producing apples before we even get to work on making cider! Lots of planning goes into orchard establishment, then it’s another several years’ wait before getting a first crop, with many trials and tribulations along the way. Of course, the fun part is that the work constantly changes and can be super rewarding. Through our apple U-Pick and Scow, we get to connect with our customers in ways that we may not get to do if we only produced apples.