OUT ON THE TOWN | Florenceville-Bristol


If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind dining experience right here in New Brunswick, look no further than Fresh Fine Dining. Located in Florenceville-Bristol, this 26 seat rail car, customers are presented with the opportunity to create their own experience with savory flavours and hand-crafted cocktails made to suit your flavour profile. Owner Sara Caines and Chef Jeff Patterson provide customers with a “vacation,” without ever leaving the railyard.

“The story behind these, actually goes back many years to when I traveled abroad and spent a year in Sweden. They are very popular there and when I came home, for years I continued to serve them to friends and company. And then just carried it through at the restaurant. I don’t have many rules at Fresh with the exception of a no ball cap policy, and the hotshots must be shot, not sipped. The hot temperature of the liquid followed by the cool whipped cream to finish is simply delicious.”

Sara Caines, Owner

Hot Shots

½ oz Galliano liqueur
½ oz warm coffee
Topped with whipped cream

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8716000966506 375 ml – $17.99