We sat down with Jonathan Wilson, ANBL’s Director of Customer Strategy and Engagement, to find out more about their new EXPÉRIENCE by ANBL store opening early 2019 at 55 Queen Street in Moncton.


EXPÉRIENCE by ANBL is the first of its kind in New Brunswick. “First of what?” you may ask. Some may call it a wine store, but it is so much more than that. Many of our wonderful customers are familiar with our EXPÉRIENCE program, as they have tried many of the curated selections we’ve brought in to satisfy the wine, spirit and cocktail lovers in NB. We were optimistic the program would grow to having its own boutique, however we didn’t imagine something this awesome in the heart of downtown Moncton. We’re beyond excited.

Tell us what makes it different from a regular ANBL store?
Our new store concept has proven to be a hit with locals and visitors alike as it continues to pop up across the province. We knew that this store needed to have a little extra, “Je ne sais quoi”. Did I mention it’s located in a brand-new property in downtown Moncton? The store will be in the gorgeous FiveFive, at the corner of Queen and Lester. You’ll find us taking residence in the boutique hotel/condo’s lower level, alongside Gahan Hub City, across the street from Moncton’s iconic Pumphouse Brewery. We went with a different look and feel, both inside and outside of the store, inspired by our EXPÉRIENCE program’s tagline: Enticing and Approachable. Downtown Moncton is full of vibrant, unique businesses that create an incredible experience of their own – and we know our shop will fit right in, while still standing out by being outstanding.

What do you hope customers will experience here?
We want wine, spirit, beer and cider lovers to experience everything they want to, and more! This store is much more than simply cool bottles on the shelves (of course we have those too). Our store team is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable groups that I’ve ever worked with and we wanted to make sure that our boutique matched that. We will be featuring a dynamic, evolving assortment of great wines and spirits plus some treats for the serious beer/cider lovers. We’ll have portable Coravin systems on hand that will allow customers to try before they buy (Google it – it’s awesome). The boutique will be full of displays, features and education in line with whatever the moment’s occasion is, whether it is rosé all day in May (or February for that matter), or a new lineup of Bourbons to try and keep up with that passionate customer. Sure, we’ll be developing things like our Online EXPÉRIENCE Wine Club that will be based out of this store, but we also wanted to make sure that people know that retail is far from “dead”, especially when your business can use terms like “libations for celebrations” to describe what we offer.