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James you famously have two very busy jobs (co-founder of The Maritime Edit, and touring the world as an award-winning stand up comedian). Your stand-up special “Anything is Possible” was released earlier this year. Tell us more about that.
It’s very exciting! I’ve been very busy travelling around promoting it. It’s the first ever stand up special in history to be filmed in New Brunswick that was released around the world. I feel so happy to be sharing my love for this region with so many people who may have never heard of it before.

We love The Maritime Edit! What sort of impact have you seen since it began?
Running the magazine with my wife Pamela has been a dream come true. Our backgrounds are in international magazine publishing (her with Vanity Fair, Kinfolk, and Wallpaper, me with GQ) and we couldn’t understand why Atlantic Canada didn’t have its own quality print publication dedicated to celebrating and highlighting business leaders doing world class work out of Atlantic Canada.

So we launched The Edit, and the response across Canada and around the world has been such a joy to experience. No matter how hard we have to work on it, it’s always worth it. We’re very pleased with the love The Edit has received within Atlantic Canada but it’s really lovely how many subscribers we have all over the world (China, Japan, Australia, America, England, Germany to name but a few) and also from other parts of Canada. People who have never been to the East Coast have bought the magazine and made plans to visit after seeing the beautiful photography and reading the stories. Everything we hoped would happen has happened… and more!

What do you like to cook at home?
Mostly chicken and fish. Our boys are 5 and 7 and love to cook (they’re obsessed with Masterchef Junior) so we prepare the food together and sit and eat together.

That’s so lovely to hear! What is it about eating together that you think is so important?
It’s not always easy getting the iPads out of their hands, but it has to be done. Dinner time is our opportunity to ask each other about our day and truly connect. We left London to make a better quality of life for our family, so we take it back to the old fashioned idea of enjoying every moment. After dinner we go down to the beach and enjoy the water. We’re so lucky here in New Brunswick, to enjoy so many things not possible for busy people in the UK or in bigger cities.

What’s your favourite meal to prepare during the winter months?
BBQ chicken! One of the great things about New Brunswickers is that we still use the BBQ even in the winter months. We put on boots and walk through the snow to cook. The thing about chicken on the BBQ is you don’t need to add many seasonings. We marinade the chicken in olive oil, lemon juice, oregano, salt and pepper. A simple recipe from Pamela’s family, and truly world class! Her mum Wilhelmina is my favourite chef in the world. Her feasts on the Kingston Peninsula would make Dennis Prescott proud!

When you’re looking to treat yourself to a beverage on a special occasion, what’s your go-to? 
It is well documented that I love Moose Light for all occasions. My wife Pamela and I are huge wine fans so we love trying new wines from the EXPERIENCE program. I love Spy Valley from New Zealand. Whenever we finish a volume of the Maritime Edit we treat ourselves to a bottle of Pol Roger or Veuve Clicquot. I also like to pick up a can of Georgian Bay Gin Smash!

James’ stand up special Anything is Possible is now available on Amazon Prime Video in Canada. Visit him online at www.jamesmullinger.com. Subscribe to The Maritime Edit here: www.maritimeedit.com