860 Front Mountain Rd, Moncton

Magnetic Hill Winery

We had the chance to sit down and talk with Co-owner and Winemaker Zach Everett from Magnetic Hill Winery. We chatted about his winery, NB Wines, and putting NB on the map of winemaking & grape growing.

What is Magnetic Hill Winery?
The Magnetic Hill Winery started out because my family was tired of Mother Nature robbing our income from strawberry farming. We wanted to find something that we could make with our fruit that we could sell all year instead of just a few weeks in the summer. We fell in love with the concept of wine after visiting wineries in Niagara and the winery dream was born. Our fate was definitely sealed when an abandoned homestead came on the market known as the “haunted house on the hill” which we bought to restore into our winery. Now we say that the house isn’t haunted, but it’s full of good spirits!

How long have you been making wine?
I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world making (and drinking) wine! From coast to coast in Canada, all over Europe and through the west coast of the US down to Mexico. It all started by hitchhiking with a vineyard owner in Germany 13 years ago who gave me my first taste of the winery bug and I’ve never looked back! At Magnetic Hill, we’ve been making wine commercially since 2005, but my parents were experimenting as home wine-makers for a lot of years before starting the winery.

What is next for Magnetic Hill Winery?
For the first time ever, we’re offering packages and tours that are bookable online. We really want to teach and show locals and tourists alike, what we’re all about and the caliber of wines that we make.

Visiting the winery is the best way to do that and we’re making it fun and easy to visit! While people are here, they’ll see our new 10,000 square foot state-of-the art winery that we’ve been building for a couple of years now.

Tell us more about your wines.
Remember how I mentioned that visiting is the best way to see what we’re up to? That’s because we have almost 20 wines. We have dry whites, dry reds, fun and fruity wines like strawberry rhubarb and blueberry, sparkling wines and dessert wines. One of our most famous wines nationally would be our “Illusions” named after the famous Magnetic Hill. It tastes like a Pinot Grigio, but the illusion is that it’s made 100% from rhubarb. One for the bucket list!