Moosehead Small Batch


Moosehead Breweries believes that every beer they brew at the new Small Batch Brewery has a story, and an opportunity to offer something new and innovative to beer lovers. After celebrating 150 years of brewing, they are making the move to expand their portfolio, using the new small batch brewing system to create truly innovative and unique brews.

With an on-site tap room, a retail store stocked with Moosehead gear, a state-of-theart growler fill station and five new brews on tap, Moosehead promises a new beer experience.

The new Small Batch Brewery includes a 20-barrel brewing system and 3-barrel pilot system. It’s allowed Moosehead to craft new beers in smaller quantities, which Andrew Oland, Moosehead’s President and CEO, is truly excited about.

“Our brewing team has been itching to experiment with new beer flavours and styles in ways that we simply haven’t been able to accommodate in our main brewery. The Small Batch Brewery provides us with the flexibility to innovate in completely new ways,” said Oland.

This new setting will also be the beginning and endpoint for all their brewery tours. To book tours and stay up-to-date on information related to the Small Batch Brewery, visit

At ANBL stores, you can find :

Mountain Spruce Golden Pale Ale

473ml $3.99

Stone Fruit White IPA

473ml $3.99

Sugar Bush Dark Lager

473ml $3.99

London Stout

473ml $3.99

Ten Penny Ale

473ml $3.99