Jonathan Wilson

I have always loved winter. Originally hailing from Cape Breton, NS, you don’t have much of a choice. Much like here in New Brunswick, Cape Breton isn’t exactly the tropics. Instead of wondering why I wasn’t born in Brazil, I focused on making sure I enjoyed the best that our part of the world has to offer, in all four seasons.

As someone working in the fast-paced, yet incredible world of beverage alcohol, I try and do the same. As the seasons change, so do our eating and drinking habits. Trends will come and go, but we know that we will always have drastically different seasons here in New Brunswick – and thus, should be tailoring our menus to them wherever possible.

As the temperature drops on the thermometer, we combat this by eating and drinking “warmer”. Think about it – as much fun as it is to drink rosé by the lake in shorts and a t-shirt in mid-August – I don’t suggest this on January 24th (my birthday – hint hint).

In winter time, my wine love shifts to bigger, fuller whites, and bold, warming reds for dishes like turkey. Rum and eggnog is a staple in my house from November 1 until New Year’s Eve. Even my beer preference changes from the harvest styles and pumpkiny goodness of fall – to beers full of flavour and spice, from crisp, Pilsners, to yummy, chocolately Porters. Oh, and by the way, sparkling wine is an enigma…it is NEVER too cold for bubbly and it goes with almost EVERYTHING. You’re welcome.

I hope you try and find your own delicious ways to warm up this season – I’ve given you a few of my faves to get you started. Enjoy!

Jonathan Wilson is the Director of Marketing and Category Management for ANBL and a certified Sommelier.