Natalie Gould

What makes a Product Advisor different than the rest of the store team?
We are certified with WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust). This course is an internationally recognized certification and is focused on wine. Among other things, we learn a systematic approach to wine tasting – certain criteria that we look for when analyzing wine so we can remain objective. I’ve also taken a beer and cider appreciation course offered by Prud’homme Beer Certification, and also attended the Labatt Beer course, with an introduction to beer styles and beer and food pairing.

Shediac has a brand new store – tell us about the Growler Station.
We have 6 different beers on tap all the time, and customers either come with their own growler (a 1.89L bottle – almost the equivalent of a six pack) to fill, or we have them for sale. We have time at the Growler Station to talk with our customers and tell them all about the products on tap. Often times, these are very special beers that we cannot get in packaged product because they are so rare, or only available in limited quantities. And while we are pouring their Growler, we get to better understand how we can help them with any other needs. And it’s a good time to remind them that beer poured into Growlers must be consumed within 48 hours.

Do you have a favourite beer style?
It changes with my mood! My current favourites are malt-based beers – reds, porters and stouts. But I’ll try it all. And that’s another great thing about the growler stations – you get to try before you buy! This past summer I really enjoyed Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc Fruit Rouge.

What are some good choices for the fall?
There are some really great products coming! In fall there are a lot of Oktoberfest, pumpkin and harvest beers that everyone loves. It’s also a great time for Porters. Porters are great on their own, or they make for a great dessert, especially when paired with chocolate. And nothing beats a nice, full-bodied malty beer when sitting by a campfire in the fall.