Paul Lavigne

Paul, as an Assistant Manager what is your focus day to day in the store?

As an Assistant Manager my day to day focus is on store operations. Ordering product, delegating tasks to our team members and overall just making sure the entire team is set up for success daily.

Tell us about some trends that you are seeing. What should people be looking out for?

Over the summer Radlers were really popular and I doubt they will slow down even with the cold weather coming. Cocktail culture really seems to be kicking into full swing as well, I expect spirits to be a big mover coming into the winter months, especially with our new EXPERIENCE Spirits program starting to offer some new and different products!

Like it or not, winter is here…what are some of your favourite winter drinks?

No matter the weather, I’ll still be drinking beer but the styles will change. Stouts have always been a go to during the winter months. I’ve been experimenting a lot with Bourbon lately too which will likely carry over into the cold months. An Old Fashioned will keep you warm on a cool day!

Last question, so let’s have fun with it. If you could only choose one type of drink to take (type of beer, wine, cocktail, etc.) with you to a deserted island for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

One drink for the rest of my life…it would have to be beer, something light and crisp to beat the heat on that deserted island!