The Tipsy Muse

We had a chat with Krista Touesnard, Rob Pinnock and Michelle Berthelot about their new Fredericton café, the Tipsy Muse. Krista dreamed about this café for over 20 years, and now it is open – offering coffee, drinks and music – just like she dreamed!

What can we expect when we visit The Muse?

MICHELLEWell that depends what time of the day and what day of the week you come!

ROBExactly! We are a coffee shop throughout the day, with an early start forthe workday. Then Thursday through Saturday we are open 7 – 10pm with live entertainment each night. And every other Wednesday is vinyl night, when we celebrate records. I usually DJ, just like my day job (Rob is “Uncle Rob” from the Fox radio station in Fredericton) but we will also have guest DJs from time to time. Local artists can sell their records here too.

KRISTAThere is also a turntable with our own records made available all the time, so people can sit and enjoy music with their coffee.

MICHELLEIt’s also a great place for people to collaborate. We have a meeting tablespace for just that.

KRISTAUNB has used this space to as an alternate classroom for a music and poetry course this past winter.

What’s on The Muse menu?

KRISTAWe don’t have a full kitchen, but we still have a lot to offer. We have partnered with a local vegan chef, Holly Pacey, of Holly’s Whole Food Kitchen. She has made items exclusively for the Muse, all vegan, such as the gluten free chocolate sea salt seed bars and the PB&J chia bowl. We also have the world famous St-Viateur Bagels from Montreal. I’ve created different gourmet cream cheeses, such as candied salmon with dill (affectionately called the Stan Rogers) and a couple of different whipped butters, such as caramel sea salt. And we are adding smoothies soon too.

And to drink?

KRISTAWe start your day off with our own blend of coffee using beans from JavaCoffee Roasters out of Halifax. We have a real appreciation for good coffee. And this is the best coffee we’ve ever tasted. We also offer some special coffees.

ROBOne of the focal points of what we do is to focus on local and regional products as much as we can, and that is reflected at the bar as well. We have 5 taps we will swap out regularly so we can feature different local and regional brewers and cideries.

KRISTAWe even have Prosecco on tap. You have to try our Kombucha Mimosamade with Prosecco and Kissing Rocks Kombucha from Moncton. We also have some regional distillers for our cocktails, one of which is Moonshine Creek from Hartland, who helped us to develop some great cocktails, such as the Maritime Mule. We even have the Upstreet lineup of pop, from PEI and an Organic Iced Tea from True North in Halifax.