When watering down your drink is a good thing

You know that look on your friend’s face when you hand them a cold beer? In our experience, that’s nothing compared to the look on the face of a hot and thirsty concert-goer who just downed a FREE bottle of cold water! We firmly believe that water is a right, especially when alcohol is involved. It’s important to pace yourself, and drink water between each alcoholic drink. Moderation tastes better, and it’s our mission to help New Brunswick celebrate every occasion safely and responsibly.

To help drive this point home, we created the ANBL Water Bar. This pop-up service travels to special events and festivals all around the province to enhance the fun with FREE water. Sounds simple, right? We knew the ANBL Water Bar was a good idea from the start, but we never expected this simple idea to be such a HIT! The ANBL Water Bar is a relatively new concept that has been surprising and delighting everywhere it goes.

So exactly how many bottles of free water have we given out so far? THOUSANDS! In fact, we may be in the running for one of those obscure world records. Let us check on that and get back to you!

The response at every event has been incredible, and so many people are shocked and appreciative of the simple kindness of free water. We’ve joined the fun at Area 506, Harvest Jazz and Blues, the World Wine and Food Expo, Festivin, the New Brunswick Spirits Festival, the Fredericton Craft Beer Festival, Atlantic Beer Festival, and more!

Look for the ANBL Water Bar at festivals and events around New Brunswick. The H2O is on us!