Welcome to our first edition.


Everything you’ll find inside this issue, and in the ones that will follow, is meant to show the enjoyable side of a world that too many take far too seriously. Our mission is to show how beautiful, fun, and entertaining food and drink can be.

When our team was trying to determine what this publication should be called – we wondered if we could capture the spirit of the food, drink, and the wonderful people enjoying it from all sides, while still remaining true to who we are as East Coasters. Oh, and we needed to make sure it is bilingual, as we’re proud to be Canada’s only official bilingual province. No problem, right?

It was easier than we thought. As Maritimers – being social is in our blood, and most of the time – social hour takes place in the kitchen. Whether it is hosting a dinner party with friends and family, or getting together in one of the many fine establishments throughout the province – food and drink accompany the fun. So – with that being said – we thank you for picking up: Sociable!

Inside you’ll find hot trends, tantalizing recipes, engaging features, pairing charts, gorgeous pictures and more – all focused on the vast world of food and drink. Consider us your cohost for your next gathering or get-together. The best compliment you can give, is reading each issue and sharing everything inside. Our social media handles are on the next page – and we love hearing from those who take time to try them out and let us know.

Cheers, from the ANBL team.


Jonathan Wilson

Director of Marketing and Category Management

Sharon Cattan

Marketing Manager - Beer, Cider and Coolers

Brian von Richter

Marketing Manager - Spirits

Angela Pyne

Marketing Manager - Wine

Jenny Keleher

Digital Marketing Specialist

Erika Smith

Manager of Digital Experience