Raise a glass to the second edition of Sociable!


The first issue introduced you to the spirit of food, drink and the wonderful products available in New Brunswick. In this issue, even more food and drink pairings will be featured, and you can explore tastes from around the world on page 31, World Class. You’ll also find more ways to enjoy local craft products with family and friends with the <3 NB article.

It is an exciting time in the New Brunswick craft beverage industry. As local producers, we are passionate about offering well-crafted cider, beer, mead, wine and spirits, and New Brunswickers are showing their appreciation. Within the craft industry, there is collaboration, support, community and pride in our wares. ANBL is also a great supporter of our industry, providing a place to showcase and sell our products.

Here in New Brunswick, we love our apples: growing, picking, eating and drinking them! At York County Cider, we can help you explore the drinking part with over 12 ciders of differing tastes, ranging from hops to juicy berries, from ginger to classic dry. I invite you to read more about our products here.

Spring is here – you’ve survived another New Brunswick winter. Now is the time to get off the couch. I invite you to pop in to Ed’s Garage & Taproom for a seat at the bar, a sample of our cider varieties, to fill a growler and have a chat about the weather that was…that’s what we do in New Brunswick, after all.

Till then, Cheers! (Or bottom’s up?)
Ed Teale
Ed’s Garage & Taproom
38 Main Street, Fredericton



Ed’s Garage & Taproom


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